VIDEO: Hotel Clerk Takes Robbery Suspect’s Gun, Pulls Off Mask

Hotel Robbery

A hotel clerk at Victory Suites took a handgun away from a female robbery suspect, wrestled her to the ground, and removed her mask so surveillance cameras could see her face.

The incident occurred Thursday morning in Warren, Michigan.

According to KPTV, 58-year-old Alan Noel was working the front desk when a masked female suspect approached. She pointed a gun at him and demanded money. Noel remained calm and looked for an opportunity to act. He said, “At this time, I’m thinking to find any second to attack her or change the situation and then jump on the table and jump on her.”

Noel handed her some cash and the suspect laid down her gun to grab the money. At that point, Noel took the gun and jumped over the counter. He wrestled with the suspect, who was able to get her hand on the gun and fire a shot. The shot missed Noel, who said, “When me and her were fighting on the floor, she tried to shoot me. I made a move and the shot went to the air and the hallway of the hotel.”

A hotel guest helped the clerk by grabbing the gun as the struggle continued. The guest then called 911 and said, “Hey y’all need to come up here to the Victory Suites hotel. They just shot a **expletive** gun. I got the **expletive** gun. They up here shootin’!”

Although the suspect ultimately escaped, the hotel clerk said he is glad he fought back. He said, “I saved my community, my customers, my job.”

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