Louie Gohmert: ‘Trump Did Not Sell His Country to Our Enemies, Unlike Hillary’

Rep. Louis Gohmert
Alex Wong/Getty

Congressman Louie Gohmert released a statement on Friday stressing that, although Trump was not his first choice, “Trump did not sell his country to our enemies, unlike Hillary.”

Gohmert in his statement details exactly why, in his view, this election is so important and why keeping Hillary Rodham Clinton away from the White House is so important. Gohmert, who admits he was not in Trump’s corner to begin with, explains:

In his days as a Democrat funder and his friendship with Bill Clinton, Donald Trump’s language was extremely inappropriate, even though Barrack Obama can be seen on video using the same exact language. I knew Donald Trump had such a background, and anticipate there are more atrocious comments in his storied background to be revealed which the mainstream media has been waiting to publicize til October. That’s a reason I didn’t support him in the primary.

However, even knowing Trump’s past indiscretions, Gohmert believes that Hillary Clinton is not deserving of the office for which she is currently striving. “I do condemn Donald Trump’s past language, but will do everything I can legally and ethically to see he is elected as President instead of Hillary Clinton. If he is not elected, subpoenaing sermon notes as happened in Houston is a drop in the bucket to what is coming.”

Gohmert goes on to point out that, [Hillary] “has become enriched by, among other things, accommodating the sale of U.S. uranium to Russia. Russia is increasing their nuclear arsenal while ours is deteriorating, but got millions rather than the standard 30 pieces of silver.”

As a Christian like millions of American’s, Gohmert echoes the concerns about Trump and Clinton’s religious beliefs. “Dr. James Dobson tells me Trump truly has become a Christian, though obviously with a lot to learn. ” Gohmert continues, “Hillary staunchly condemns those who follow Moses’ and Jesus’ teaching on marriage and will push even further than the Supreme Court already has until marriage becomes what it was ‘in the days of Noah’ before the flood. That’s rather dangerous.”

“I also know that people have 4 choices: (1) vote for Hillary; (2) vote for Trump; (3) vote for a someone besides these two; or (4) don’t vote,” Gohmert said. He highlights the fact that “Three of those four choices elect Hillary, who supports our killing of 1.2 million more babies a year. Previously I would say “unborn babies” but in a recent hearing, we found no Democrats to support a bill that made it illegal to kill a child born alive after an attempted abortion.”

As most American’s know as well as Gohmert, it is not just the presidency at stake this election. With one seat already waiting to be filled on the Supreme Court, and others possibly being vacated shortly, the balance of the highest court in America, the one the governs us all, hangs in the balance. The people picked to fill these seats will have a tremendous effect on the trajectory of our future as a country.

Gohmert closes his statement by making it clear the importance of not allowing Hillary Clinton to fill these seats on the court. “If Hillary is elected, the Supreme Court decision declaring a Constitutional right for an American to own a gun in a 5 to 4 decision, will go the other way. So will many other cases that protected our religious and speech freedoms.”