Bill Clinton Says He’s Tired of Hearing ‘America Is Going to Hell’

President Bill Clinton October 12, 2016 in Indianola, Iowa.
Steve Pope/Getty Images

Former President Bill Clinton is on the campaign trail while his wife prepares for Wednesday’s presidential debate.

In New Hampshire, the former president stopped at Dartmouth College in Hanover, where he drew a crowd of nearly five hundred people. He also went to Keene, New Hampshire.

The majority of Bill Clinton’s message was upbeat and positive, although he did suggest that he is tired of hearing that “America is going to Hell in a hand basket.”

Clinton highlighted how important New Hampshire is in the election and he also recalled his own memories from when he was campaigning in the state in 1992. “New Hampshire is a special place to me and my family for reasons that are obvious and some that aren’t,” he said. “I have kept the friends I made here more than 25 years ago.” Bill Clinton went on to say “not in all these years since I went to the White House — that I don’t wish I had one or two fall days in New Hampshire.”

Like a good surrogate, Bill Clinton made the case for why his wife deserves the most important office in America. He also praised current President Barack Obama for his accomplishments during his last eight years as president. “He saved the auto industry, avoided a depression, passed the Dodd-Frank law,” Clinton said.

The health care bill has given 29 million of us health insurance and 100 percent of us are better off because we can’t be denied health insurance for pre-existing conditions. You cannot give this country’s future away to people who think anger is better than answers, that endless conflict is better than cooperation, and that the path forward in the world is walls not bridges, you can’t do it – it’s your life.

Clinton encouraged the people of New Hampshire to think about which candidate is going to be better to drive America forward into 2017. He insisted that Trump will drive America off a cliff with his “hell in a hand basket” rhetoric.

In an effort to bring unity back to America after this very decisive election season, Bill Clinton suggested, “One of the things I think we have to do when this election is over — every one of us, each in our own way — is not treat the people on the other side the way they and their candidate have treated us. We should reach out.”

In closing, Bill Clinton described how Hillary Rodham Clinton would be a representative for all Americans and she will take America to a new place. “So if you give her the keys to the truck, what she will do is open the back, put everyone on and drive us to a new mountaintop – that is what New Hampshire can do, God Bless you.”