Ohio Couple Who Held Burglary Suspect At Gunpoint: ‘Guns Saved Our Lives’

Gun shop owner Jeff Binkley displays a Glock 9mm pistol at Sarge's Sidearms on September 29, 2016 in Benson, Arizona.
John Moore/Getty Images

An Akron, Ohio, couple who held a burglary suspect at gunpoint in their own home say: “Guns saved our lives.”

According to Ohio.com, the unidentified couple–“a 61-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman”–awoke when their dogs began reacting to sounds from someone in their home. The woman said they first thought one of their adult children was making a surprise visit, then the door to the bedroom opened and the suspect was standing in the doorway. The man grabbed a gun, pointed it at the suspect, and held him at gunpoint while the woman dialed 911.

The woman retrieved another gun in the process, holding it on the suspect from a different angle. The incident occurred Sunday morning.

Police identified the suspect as 38-year-old DeJuan McCraney. He “was convicted in 2001 of attempted aggravated murder and released from prison in 2010.” Police say McCraney was not armed when he stepped into the couple’s bedroom doorway, but they did discover a 9mm pistol they believe he laid on the couch before walking toward the bedroom. He now “faces charges of aggravated burglary and having weapons illegally.”

The woman of the house spoke out in support of the Second Amendment once the incident was over, saying:

This is why gun control is a bad idea. We held him at bay until police arrived about 10 after 7. Did anyone die? No. Could anyone have died? Most certainly. Our guns saved our lives today. Responsible gun ownership should never be revoked. If it was, our situation today could have cost both of us our lives.

She added, “We have no idea what he wanted. He was just staring at us.”

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