Trump Slams Paid Protesters: ‘I’m Sure Their Parents Are Very Proud of Them’

George Frey/Getty Images
Grand Junction, CO

Democratic-affiliated protesters twice disrupted a Donald Trump rally in Grand Junction, Colorado, but the GOP nominee took the occasion to describe facts that few establishment media outlets have publicized.

During the Colorado rally, at least one protester began to yell as Trump was talking about the great number of supporters he sees at his rallies.

As Trump said that his rallies draw “thousands and thousands of people,” a protester somewhere out in front of him caught his eye. When the rally staff began to remove the man, Trump drew his supporters’ attention to it all.

And these people here. They’re getting $1,500 to do that. $1,500! You see how professional they are? Look at this guy now he’s just walking out. So, yesterday there was a story that the DNC, Democratic National Committee, is sending protesters in here, paying them $1,500… look at that guy, he’s like a pro.

They got ’em out, now he’s just walking. You know, it’s disgusting. It just came out yesterday, and I thought so. But the way they got ’em, he walked out — by the time he got to the door, it was all over. He puts everything [in his pocket] and now he’s off. Look at him. Look. And you know what? It’s all over the Internet, the mainstream media hardly wrote about it, and they caught them yesterday — not him [the guy here at this rally].

They pay $1,500 and the give iPhones to everybody if you go in and disrupt. This is what we’re dealing with with these people. These are bad people. And the press doesn’t cover it. And now look [the press is] covering him being taken out, and they’ll say “a protester” like he’s this innocent little lamb. And then you wonder why our country is in trouble.

Not long afterward, another group of protesters made to disrupt the rally, giving Trump one more chance to use them for his own purposes.

“Are they getting $1,500? No, can you believe it? And the press doesn’t want to write this story. They get paid to do this,” he said from the podium.

During this second disruption, Trump’s supporters jumped in to shout down the protesters. Chants of “USA, USA” filled the air as security began to escort the paid interlopers out of the venue.

“Can you believe they get paid for doing this by the Democratic National Committee? Maybe I’ll do it a couple of times, it’s good money! I’ll get a nice new phone. Unbelievable. Oh, I’m sure their parents are very proud of them. Two people,” Trump added.

Trump was referencing the recent shocking undercover video released by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas that showed Democratic operative Scott Foval admitting that the DNC pays a Democratic strategist called Democracy Partners who then pays him to hire protesters to disrupt Republican rallies.

“It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say,” Foval blatantly exclaims, “We need to win this motherf*****r.”

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