Armed Grandpa Who Surprised Burglary Suspect: ‘He Certainly Didn’t Expect To See Me’

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An armed grandpa who remained in his home during Hurricane Matthew surprised a would-be burglar by opening fire on him, saying afterward, “He certainly didn’t expect to see me.”

The incident occurred in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

According to Fox 5, Ben Hough’s wife and grandchildren were not with him the night of the alleged break-in. There was no power and no cars in the driveway, making the house “seemingly empty.” Hough awoke to the sound of breaking glass.

The suspect allegedly threw a rock through a glass panel in the side door then entered the home. Hough, who was upstairs, said he could tell where the suspect was based on the sound of glass crunching under his feet. Hough grabbed his revolver and waited at the top of the stairs.

Hough said, “He came across my dining room and to the foot of my stairway. I had a revolver and fired at him twice.” The startled suspect, he said, tried to scream but could not. “I called it a muffled scream,” Hough said. “I think it got caught in his throat.” The suspect then fled the home.

Hough said the suspect was a large man whom he could not have forced out of his home without a gun. “It was a strong guy, a big guy. I wouldn’t have been able to kick that out.”

Anyone with information on this case is encouraged to call Myrtle Beach police right away.

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