Woman Sues KFC for $20 Million for $20 Bucket of Chicken Ad

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A New York woman is going after Kentucky Fried Chicken for what she alleges are false advertising practices.

Anna Wurtzburger, 64, of Dutchess County, filed a $20 million lawsuit against KFC for fooling its customers in its $20 bucket of chicken ad that shows a bucket overflowing with chicken, CBS New York reports.

Wurtzburger was disappointed in the amount of chicken she received, claiming that they gave her less than half a bucket of chicken.

KFC says there are eight pieces of chicken in the bucket, but Wurtzburger is not giving up on the lawsuit.

“It’s the principle of the matter,” Wurtzburger said to CBS New York. “Sometimes you gotta hit people where they feel the hurt. For me, a corporation like that — would be in the pocketbook.”

Wurtzburger said KFC offered her $70 in coupons for free chicken, but she turned down the offer.

In a statement, KFC called the claim “meritless” and plans to ask the courts to drop the case.