Citizens United: FBI Discovery ‘Must Be Serious’

Citizens-United Decision APLauren Victoria Burke
AP/Lauren Victoria Burke

Following the announcement that the FBI will be reopening the case into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, Citizens United said in a statement that the organisation was “pleased” with the decision, speculating that the FBI must have discovered something “far more serious than what’s already public.”

“We’re pleased to learn that the FBI has re-opened the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email mess.  While we don’t know what’s been newly uncovered, the facts already in the public domain demonstrate widespread impropriety,” confirmed Michael Boos, the organisation’s Executive Vice President. 

“What the FBI just discovered must be far more serious than what’s already public. The Clintons have lived above the law for far too long. It’s time to impanel a grand jury to get to the bottom of this,” he continued.

The conservative political action committee has long been extremely critical of Hillary Clinton and funded and produced the 2008 documentary Hillary: The Movie, which revealed a range of scandals involving Hillary Clinton.

Other figures to release statements praising the FBI’s decision include Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence, as well as his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

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