Hillary Clinton Communications Director: ‘We Take Our Relationship with the Press Seriously’

Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to members of the media aboard her campaign plane while traveling to Tampa, Florida on September 6, 2016 in White Plains, New York. Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Florida.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Emails from the account of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta reveal the campaign’s deputy communications director affirming the Clinton campaign’s close “relationship with the press.”

WikiLeaks has uncovered an email from Kristina Schake to Podesta and Clinton campaign finance director Dennis Cheng, and including the campaign’s vice chairman and longtime Clinton adviser Huma Abedin. The email, dated April 24, 2015, reveals a discussion with the subject line “Draft phone and press policy.”

Schake tells Cheng and Podesta that Abedin has spoken to Clinton, who has agreed to a draft policy that if less than 100 people are at a press conference, no cell phones will be allowed. At pressers with more than 100 people attending, cell phones will be allowed, and “ONE print pooler will be escorted in for her remarks only and then escorted out. NO tv cameras.”

Schake continues, “Over 500 people in a public space – YES cell phones, OPEN press (all press access including tv cameras). At fundraisers in private homes NO tv cameras no matter the size. ONE print pooler only.”

She adds that “Jesse,” likely key campaign spokesman Jesse Ferguson, suggested a policy for guests at fundraisers with less than 100 people.

“Since the event is not open to cameras from the media b/c of space, we will be asking you to check your cell phones so images aren’t released from the event that were unavailable to the media,” the suggested policy reads. “We take our relationship with the press seriously and don’t want them to be at a disadvantage.”

Regarding the draft policy, Abedin said, “This is not ideal but i realize there is precedent we have to follow.”