Donald Trump on Twitter: Administration Decisions Coming ‘Soon’

Ryan and Pres-elect Trump AFP

President-elect Donald Trump promises he will make key administration staffing decisions “soon.”

The entire administration remains up for grabs, fueling rumors about every position, cabinet-level and right on down the line.

So far, Trump has left the traditional press pool in the dark about his next moves, much to its chagrin.

“While Trump previewed a ‘busy day’ on Friday, there’s little insight about what specifically he has planned,” Politico gripes. “The transition pool of media reporters has gotten little guidance on what Trump is doing or where he is going.”

“A pool report issued Friday morning said the reporters had gotten no assurance that there won’t be movements, and that the only notable thing that had happened so far was that the Trump Tower marquee was temporarily papered over for window cleaning,” Politico continued.

During the presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly left an enraged traveling press behind, and mocked reporters for asking him if he would wait before starting his rally.

But a Trump administration will let a press pool operate, according to spokeswoman Hope Hicks.

“We fully expect to operate a traditional pool and look forward to implementing our plans in the near future. We appreciate your patience as we navigate the transition process,” Hicks told Politico.