NYT: ‘Public Safety’ At Risk if Donald Trump Signs National Reciprocity

FILE - In this Jan. 2, 2012 file photo, a small handgun is seen under a vest in High Point, N.C. Dealing a blow to gun supporters, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday, June 9, 2016, that Americans do not have a constitutional right to carry concealed weapons in public. …
Sonny Hedgecock/The Enterprise via AP

A New York Times editorial claims “public safety” would be at risk if Donald Trump signs national reciprocity for concealed carry permits into law.

The NYT suggested that such a move will only further the “fantasy” Trump embraced during the campaign; the “fantasy that citizens can stand up to gunmen by shooting it out.”

On June 27, 2016, approximately two weeks after the attack on the gun-free zone in the Orlando Pulse nightclub, a concealed carry permit holder stopped a mass shooting outside a Spartanburg, South Carolina, nightclub. The concealed permit holder stopped the attempted mass shooting by drawing his own gun and shooting the attacker.

May 31, 2015, an armed citizen pulled his own gun and opened fire on an alleged attacker inside a liquor store, thereby ending a would-be mass shooting. The incident occurred at the Magnet Bottle Shop in Conyers, Georgia, where the attacker was randomly shooting at anyone in his path. Forty-four year old Todd C. Scott drew his own gun and opened fire, ending the attack.

On April 17, 2015, an Uber driver with a concealed carry permit thwarted an attempted mass shooting by pulling his own weapon and shooting a gunman who had opened fire in Chicago’s Logan Square.

On March 22, 2015, a man who opened fire on children and adults in a Philadelphia barbershop was shot and killed by a citizen with a concealed carry permit. The permit holder was outside, walking past the barbershop when he heard shots. He ran inside and killed the attacker.

The NYT also suggests the use of concealed carry handguns for self-defense is a “myth.” Here are a two recent examples of the “myth” taking place:

On November 27, 2016, a food store clerk in Florida survived an armed robbery by pulling his concealed carry handgun and shooting–and killing–the armed assailant.

Two weeks ago in Levittown, Pennsylvania, a customer in Porfirio’s II Pizza pulled a Glock handgun and shot and killed one of two alleged armed robbers and left the second robbery suspect in “serious condition.”

What follows is just a microcosm of the mythical used of concealed carry guns during 2014 and 2015. This list is a just a glimpse into a six week time period:

(Nov. 30, 2015) A Washington state mother shot an alleged home invader to save her children.

(Dec. 8, 2015) A veteran confined to walker used a gun to stop home invasion.

(Dec. 9, 2015) Antioch, California, homeowner opened fire on two home invaders.

(Dec. 19, 2015) A 14-year-old shot and killed an intruder to save grandparents.

(Dec. 20, 2015) A man used a handgun in self-defense when confronted by an armed robber outside an Ohio mall. He killed the would-be robber, ending the attack.

(Dec. 26, 2015) A Good Samaritan witnessed domestic attack, pulled pistol, and held the man at gunpoint until police arrived.

(Dec. 27, 2015) A home invader put a gun to a woman’s neck in Memphis. The invader was shot and killed by the homeowner.

(Dec. 28, 2015) A Bucks County, Pennsylvania, resident shot an intruder who broke through the glass door on her apartment.

(Dec. 29, 2015) A home invader was shot and killed after a pregnant woman helped fight him off.

(Dec. 30, 2015) A pastor shot a man who attacked him inside the church.

(Dec. 30, 2015) A Texas fireworks stand owner used a gun to shoot and stop armed robbers.

(Jan. 9, 2016) Four armed robbers stormed a women’s gun store in Shawnee, Kansas, and the co-owner’s life was spared when her husband intervened by opening fire on the suspects.

(Jan. 10, 2016) A California homeowner survived an initial attack by a home invader, retrieved gun, and held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.

(Jan. 11, 2016) A man put a gun to a Papa John’s Pizza delivery woman’s head; she pulled her own gun and shot him in the face.

(Jan. 12, 2016) An armed robber in a Milwaukee barber shop was shot and killed by a patron with a concealed carry license/handgun.

(Jan. 13, 2016) An armed Taco Bell robber ordered would-be victim to drop his pants, but the victim pulled his gun instead and shot the robber dead.

The NYT’s claims that it is “fantasy” to think concealed permit holders can stop shootings and that it is “myth” that concealed carry guns are used for self-defense are not new. The NYT made very similar claims on October 26, 2015 and was aided, at that time, by a companion piece in The Washington Post which claimed that .0002266% of concealed permit holders have been accused of a mass shooting. The WaPo suggested that such accusations against .0002266% of permit holders proves concealed carry makes Americans less safe.

But an armed citizen at the Orlando Pulse could have stopped or at least lessened that attack in the same way that the concealed permit holder stopped the March 22, 2015, attack at the Philadelphia barbershop. An armed citizen at the December 2, 2015, San Bernardino attack would have stopped or least lessened the severity of that vicious shooting spree. And armed citizens could have stopped or at least lessened the severity of the November 13, 2015, Paris attack that killed 130.

Regarding Paris, Trump said:

One of the things I bring up, and I bring it up all the time, is the Second Amendment. Because, when you look at that slaughter that took place–Paris is one of the toughest guns zones, you can’t have a gun. France also, you can’t have a gun. It’s virtually impossible to get one. And you look at those places where it was carnage, it was horrible; a horrible thing to watch and a horrible thing to see….I can tell you, if people in that room–some of them, you don’t need too many…[if they had had guns] they would have had a couple of killings but it wouldn’t have been the good buys, it would have been the bad guys.

So Trump supports national reciprocity. It is a way to be sure there are more concealed carry permit holders in more places, ready and able to defend their lives and the lives of their fellow Americans. The NYT says this puts “public safety” at risk.

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