VIDEO: Man Strings Shotgun like Guitar, Plays Music, Shoots Target

Video Shot
Video Shot

A video posted to LiveLeak shows a man sitting beside a campfire, playing a shotgun–yes, playing a shotgun–and shooting the gun at a target for emphasis halfway through his song.

The video, aptly titled “Guy Plays Shotgun Like Guitar,” shows the guy holding a single shot, break-action shotgun with strings attached to the right side of the gun. He plays the strings using a slide, which allows him to note the shotgun instrument in the absence of a fret board.

As he plays, onlookers are heard clapping to the beat:

It looks like he mounted a shoulder stock backward at the end of the barrel, and that stock serves as a bridge for the strings. He certainly made sure the stock did not cover the barrel at all, and the gun clearly fires–and fires accurately–mid-song.

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