Police: Two Firefighters Arrested for Assault After Fighting over Who Should Go Inside Burning Building First

Video Shot
Video Shot

Police have arrested two Maryland firefighters on charges of assaulting a female firefighter from another station after they got into a fight over who would go inside a burning building first.

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said volunteer firefighters Jeffry Miller and Chris Kelly were charged with second-degree assault and interfering with a firefighter in the performance of duties, CBS DC reported.

Alsobrooks said a group of career firefighters arrived at the fire first in Hyattsville last December, but Kelly blocked the way to prevent them from entering.

Alsobrooks also said that Kelly assaulted the career female firefighter and knocked her off the porch. When she tried to re-enter the building, Miller grabbed her and pulled her away.

This is not the only time firefighters have gotten themselves into trouble. In October, two firefighters in Contra Costa, California, were arrested for allegedly assaulting police officers while drunk after a firefighters ball. In that same month, a Nashville firefighter was arrested and charged with domestic assault and attempted rape for allegedly assaulting his ex-wife.