Poll: Only 13 Percent of Democrats Enthusiastic About Their Party’s Future

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Democrats are not excited about the path ahead for their party, with some high-profile Democrats calling for a third-party, and there are now numbers to prove it.

A new HuffPost/YouGov survey released Sunday finds that only 13 percent of Democrats are enthusiastic about their party’s future, compared to 35 percent of Republicans who are enthusiastic about their party’s future, the Huffington Post reports.

Fifty-one percent of Democrats say they are at least satisfied about the direction of their party, while 25 percent are dissatisfied and 13 percent are upset at the direction the party’s going.  For Republicans, 71 percent are at least satisfied, while 16 percent are dissatisfied and 6 percent are upset at the direction the party’s going.

This has been a dramatic shift since August, when Democrats tended to be far more optimistic than Republicans about the future of their party when both parties were coming off their conventions.

According to a HuffPost/YouGov survey taken in August, Democrats were 28 points more likely than Republicans to be optimistic about their party’s future. Seventy-one percent of Democrats and 43 percent of Republicans were at least satisfied with their party’s future at the time.

Thirty percent of Democrats and 8 percent of Republicans were optimistic about the party’s future at that time.

In August, there was a 45-point margin among Democrats, 63 percent to 18 percent, who felt that the party was more united than divided.

In the latest survey, there’s only a 10-point margin, 45 percent to 35 percent, with a fifth saying they aren’t sure.

Democrats are also regretting their choice of nominee.

Only 41 percent of Democrats say Hillary Clinton was the Democrats’ best option for a nominee, down from 53 percent in the August survey.