Indiana Woman Escapes Abusive Husband by Biting His Scrotum

Fox 59

An Indiana woman told police she escaped an abusive husband by biting his scrotum to facilitate her get away, a police report notes.

Police in Greenwood, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis, were called to the home of Dan Deaton after his wife reported a case of domestic violence. Police report that Deaton was attempting to flee the scene just as they arrived. He ran a stop sign in an attempt to get away from them, Fox 59 reports.

Deaton’s wife, Stacy, insisted that during an argument her husband hit her and knocked her down a flight of stairs. She also claimed he jumped on top of her and put his hands over her face in an attempt to stifle her. She said she bit him to stop the attack.

For his part, Deaton told police his wife started the argument and after a period of time he pushed a mattress on top of her and sat on it to “calm her down.” But in the altercation she was able to bite his privates causing him to jump away from her and giving her a window to escape the home.

Police did note that an investigation of the scene of the attack seemed to show a mattress removed from its place and a bedroom in shambles.

The woman exhibited bruises and rug burn-like wounds on her arms and back.

Deaton was taken into custody and charged with domestic battery.

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