Entire Police Force Walks Off Job to Protest Bunker Hill Town Council


The entire police force in Bunker Hill, Indiana, walked off the job, citing the town council as the reason they tendered their resignations.

Town Marshal Michael Thomison “and four other officers handed over resignation letters to the council” during the council’s Monday night meeting.

According to Fox 59, the officers said the city would not spend the money necessary to outfit the officers with body armor. He indicated that “they were all forced to share one set of body armor.”

Marshal Thomison said the council “would not communicate with [him] or the officers and they kept scaling back.”

Moreover, the officers said the council would ask them to “do illegal, unethical, and immoral things.” They claimed they were asked “to run background checks on other town councilors to find their criminal history,” and that they were “threatened” if they did not comply.

Thomison stated that he discovered he had cancer last year and claimed that afterward, when he tried to come back full-time, the council told him his insurance was “costing the town way too much.” He said they wanted to move him down to part-time.

The town is now without any police force whatsoever. Town council President Brock Speer said they “will release a statement in the near future.”

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