Mexican Cardinal Prays to Virgin Mary to Soften Trump’s ‘Hard Heart’ on Immigration

Mexican Cardinal Norberto Rivera speaks during a mass for Ash Wednesday, opening Lent, the forty-day period of abstinence and deprivation for the Christians, before the Holy Week and Easter, at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City on February 13, 2013. Rivera is a candidate to succeed resigning Pope Benedict XVI. …

The Archbishop of Mexico City has asked the Virgin of Guadalupe to touch the “hard heart” of Donald Trump so that he will be “generous and fair” with Mexican immigrants.

On the feast of Mexico’s patron saint, the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, Cardinal Norberto Rivera celebrated Mass at the Basilica of Guadalupe, and during his homily implored the Virgin Mary for the conversion of the President-elect:

“Oh, Mother of Mercy! Move the hearts of Americans to accommodate those who, with their hard work, have given prosperity to their country, and touch the hardened heart of the new President-elect who, as a Christian as he claims to be, must not see the poor and immigrants as enemies, but as brothers and sisters with whom he should be tolerant, generous and fair.”

In his invocation for migrants, the Cardinal prayed for the U.S. Bishops, “that they might defend the sheep that God has sent them.”

In his litany of petitions to Mexico’s patroness, Rivera prayed especially for the consolation of mothers who fear for the separation of their families.

“Strengthen parents who agonize over the possibility of losing their jobs; comforts the mothers who fear seeing their families separated; give hope to young people who do not want to abandon their studies; encourages families that are economically dependent on remittances from their loved ones,” he said.

In his petition, Mexico City’s Archbishop also asked the Virgin Mary to watch over Mexico itself, which is “ill from violence and wounded by injustices.”

“Move the heart of the violent and sinners; protect families; preserve our Catholic faith; give those who govern us a vocation to service,” he said.

The national shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe where the Cardinal celebrated Mass on Sunday has been visited by some 8 million pilgrims this year, coming from all over Mexico as well as from foreign lands.

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