Bitter John Podesta Blames ‘Broken’ FBI for Russian Email Hacks

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta is blaming the FBI, after Russians successfully hacked the Democratic National Committee’s emails.

Podesta complained that the FBI failed to physically send an agent to warn the DNC, even though FBI agents repeatedly called the DNC to warn it of Russian cyber attacks on their network.

“What takes this from baffling to downright infuriating is that at nearly the exact same time that no one at the FBI could be bothered to drive 10 minutes to raise the alarm at DNC headquarters, two agents accompanied by attorneys from the Justice Department were in Denver visiting a tech firm that had helped maintain Clinton’s email server,” he said.

Podesta called the FBI “broken” saying it spent more time investigating Hillary Clinton’s email server than protecting Democrats from hacking.

“As the former chair of the Clinton campaign and a direct target of Russian hacking, I understand just how serious this is,” he said.

Podesta’s list of grievances is even longer. He grumbled that agents were not investigating Trump’s ties to Russia or investigating Roger Stone for his communications with WikiLeaks.

“The election is over and the damage is done, but the threat from Russia and other potential aggressors remains urgent and demands a serious and sustained response,” he said.

President-elect Donald Trump appeared to respond to the op-ed on Twitter.

“Are we talking about the same cyberattack where it was revealed that head of the DNC illegally gave Hillary the questions to the debate?” he asked.

But those emails came from Podesta’s private Gmail account, where it was revealed that CNN contributor Donna Brazile gave the Clinton campaign debate questions in advance.