Brady Campaign Freaks Out After Kasich Signs Campus Carry into Law

campus carry
AP/The Tulsa World/James Gibbard

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence freaked out when Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) signed campus carry into law.

Breitbart News reported that Kasich signed Senate Bill 199 into law on December 19. That legislation removes state bans on concealed carry in the unsecured, public areas of airports, daycare facilities, and colleges and universities. Daycares and university systems will now be able to allow concealed permit holders to carry guns for self-defense.

This is potentially life-saving news for concealed carry holders on campuses like Ohio State (OSU), the site of the November 28 terror attack carried out with a car and butcher knife. And it is no stretch to presume that campus carry–had it already been legal and approved by OSU–may have posed a strong enough deterrent to prevent the attack altogether.

Regardless of these potentially life-saving and preventive benefits, the Brady Campaign came unglued when Kasich signed campus carry into law. In a press release, which Breitbart News possesses, the organization resorted to scaremongering by describing campus carry as “the right to green light loaded, hidden guns at schools.” Law-abiding, licensed citizens who carry guns for self-defense are now carrying “loaded, hidden guns,” according to Brady.

The Brady campaign went on to describe campus carry as part of “the lie that guns everywhere make us safer.” Members did not explain why the absence of guns in places like Orlando Pulse (June 12, 2016), San Bernardino (December 2, 2015), Umpqua Community College (October 1, 2015), the Aurora movie theater (July 2o, 2012), and Virginia Tech University (April 16, 2007) failed to keep law-abiding citizens safe. Instead, they simply continue fighting to keep students and faculty defenseless on campus after campus across the U.S.

Notably, the Brady Campaign undertook efforts against campus carry in Ohio the day after the Ohio State attack. Just 24 hours after unarmed students were attacked with a car, then chased by an Islamist with a butcher knife, the Brady Campaign was on Twitter asking Ohioans to oppose campus carry in their state.

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