VIDEO: Ohio Elector Burns Anti-Trump Letters He Received Leading Up to Electoral College Vote


An Ohio sheriff who was an elector in Ohio’s Electoral College is burning all the anti-Trump letters he received leading up to the Electoral College vote held Monday.

After he cast his vote for President-elect Donald Trump, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones posted several videos to Twitter of him burning all the letters he received from people saying he should vote for another candidate, Fox News reported.

“Got a lot of letters to burn,” Jones said in one video. “We’ve got our electoral votes and we got a new president.”

Jones said he burned the letters with his wife in celebration of Trump’s victory by lighting a cigar and then lighting the pile of letters in the fire pit, the Dayton Daily News reported.

Jones, who was an early supporter of the President-elect, said he has read many of the letters sent to him and has called them “disrespectful.”

“I gave them the same amount of respect,” he said to the Journal-News. “This is what they deserve. They deserve to be in my fire pit.”

Jones said he has received so many letters that the mail delivery truck had to back up into his driveway to deliver them all. He has even received some letters disguised as Christmas cards.

“In the beginning I read a few of them,” Jones said. “But I’d be reading them for 10 years if I read them all.”