Man Charged with Confining Woman in Wooden Box, Forcing Her to Perform Oral Sex

Marathon County Sheriff's Department
Marathon County Sheriff's Department
Mosinee, WS

A Wisconsin man has been arrested and accused of imprisoning a woman in a homemade wooden box and forcing her to perform sexual favors on him, police say.

Police in the central Wisconsin town of Mosinee arrested Allen Jamroz, 54, and charged him with felony kidnapping and sexual assault after a woman called them to report her ordeal, the Wausau Daily Herald reported.

A police report says that a woman visited Jamroz’ home to see his granddaughter. But Jamroz used his granddaughter’s absence from the home as an opportunity to attack the visitor. The woman told police that Jamroz used some sort of homemade stun gun on her, then used rope and duct tape to bind her, before forcing her to perform sexual acts. She told police that during her assault, she hid a wood nail in her shirt for later use.

Jamroz then reportedly told the victim to send a text message to her mother and a friend to say she was “leaving the area with Bob,” and then he told her he might keep her prisoner “for a while.”

The woman said Jamroz later sealed her into a wooden box using a power screwdriver; he included condoms, a blanket, a teddy bear, and pillows inside the box.

The victim told police she passed out for an undetermined amount of time and began working to free herself when she regained consciousness. She was able to break her bindings using her teeth and the nail she had found lying on the floor. The woman also told police she used her legs and back to burst free of her wooden prison.

The woman also said she used a hammer to break a lock and fled the building, eventually walking into the town of Mosinee to call police. Reportedly, Jamroz was not home during her escape.

The police report omitted the victim’s name, age, and place of residence and did not reveal how long she was imprisoned at Jamroz’ home.

Jamroz was charged with kidnapping, second-degree sexual assault, false imprisonment, and battery. He faces a maximum of 86 years in prison if convicted on all counts. Jamroz was levied a $30,000 cash bond and has not yet arranged legal counsel.

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