LISTEN: Angel Moms List the First Steps Trump Must Take to Control Illegal Immigration

Angel Moms Want Trump AFP

Angel Moms—mothers who lost children or family members to illegal alien crime—joined SiriusXM host Matthew Boyle in studio Sunday to name the first steps President-elect Donald Trump could take to begin controlling illegal immigration.

Sealing the border, building the wall, requiring suspected illegal aliens to show proof of legality to law enforcement, and holding politicians heading sanctuary cities personally accountable topped the list.

Trump had brought national attention to these families’ plights after the leftist press ignored them—or sneered that their terrible losses were unworthy of recognition because “their message was a lie.” Trump’s decisive electoral victory vindicated these mothers who fought through their grief to force the political establishment to acknowledge their losses and enforce immigration laws so no other American families suffer what they did.

“I think the first thing he could do is close that border,” said Laura Wilkerson, whose son Joshua was murdered by an illegal alien classmate, said. “We can’t even decide who’s here or do anything before you close that border. Even the criminals they… deport tomorrow are going to be back next week if we don’t close the border. So I think that’s the first thing, and I can’t wait to help him do it.”

“All of us could have a brick with our kid’s name on it, and we’d be grateful,” she added about the border wall.

“I would like law enforcement to be able to enforce the laws, the immigration laws, and have the power they once had to ask for ID, to ask for papers,” legal immigrant Agnes Gibboney, whose son Ronald da Silva was murdered in 2002 by an illegal alien, said. “And if you’re here illegally, to be detained and turned over to ICE and let them do their job.”

“The Obama administration has tied the hands of our law enforcement,” said Ruth Johnston Martin, whose husband was shot by an illegal alien. “And now they’re going to be free to do what they were hired to do. And to know we’re not going to be seeing these individuals taking shots at our border patrol, because they are not going to be allowed on this side of that wall. So you know what, in the long run, there will be fewer deaths. Americans will be safer. This is what he meant when he said he was going to make America great again.”

Maria Espinoza, head of the non-profit Remembrance Project which brought the Angel Moms together, said politicians protecting illegal aliens must be held personally liable for breaking the law.

“Certainly, enforce the border and current laws, and I would also like to see him eventually allow for our legal system to hold these individuals, like these mayors of sanctuary cities, personally accountable,” she said. “Otherwise, we’re just chasing our tails.”

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