Exclusive–Frank Luntz: Trump Can Triumph With 60 Percent Support

Jim Bourg - Pool/Getty

Pollster and image consultant Frank Luntz told Breitbart News that President Donald Trump has had a great first week of his presidency.

In his inaugural speech, Trump “addressed the same concerns that got him to the presidency: the essence of the forgotten middle class, the disrespected and hard-working taxpayer and he did that very effectively–and you know how effective it was because the mainstream media went nuts over it,” Luntz said.

But Trump is going to have strong opposition throughout his term, Luntz said. “I want him to be a 60-40 president–not a 50-50 or a 40-60 percenter,” he said. “When times get tough, people leave you … [and] 30 percent of Americans will never fall for him, will never listen to him, will reject him.”

The key is for Trump to always communicating with the other 70 percent or so who are willing to listen, he said.

The goal is the maintain a relationship with 60 percent of the people, to ensure at least 50 percent are embracing his agenda, Luntz said. Thus far, Trump has been right on target with programs and proposals that enjoy 60 percent to 70 percent support.

“His proposals to cut the budget extend beyond the 60 percent threshold, his proposals to rebuild the infrastructure, provided there is accountability will go beyond 60 percent, the feeling that so many Americans are not appreciated or respected or heard in Washington is a 70 percent, 80 percent issue,” he said.

All of these was captured in a fantastic speech after the swearing-in, he said. “Frankly, I thought his best line is not whether the Democrats or the Republicans control Washington, it’s whether the people are in charge,” the pollster said.

“If he continues with that theme, he’ll have a very successful 100 days and that will set him up well for the rest of the year.”

During the inauguration weekend, Luntz saw first-hand the mobs of anti-Trump protesters swarming the city. At one point, the protesters hit him with a glitter bomb and called him a fascist.