Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert Deny Role in Washington’s April 1 ‘Fire the Fool’ Protest


Leftist celebrities Rachel Maddow — hostess of an MSNBC show and Stephen Colbert, host of the CBS program Late Night — took to Twitter Monday to deny that they were participating with the “Fire the Fool Declaration Rally” protest organizers.

“No, I’m not involved or affiliated with any forthcoming march/demonstration,” Maddow Tweeted. “Stuff circulating to that effect on Facebook is false.”

Left-wing operatives are ramping up for a massive Washington protest against President Donald J. Trump with sister demonstrations throughout the country, according to their social media posts, including a Twitter account launched Saturday that already boasts more than 67,000 followers.

@FIRE_THE_FOOL issued its own statement acknowledging that Maddow and Colbert were names planners used in early meetings as examples of celebrities, who might join the effort, but it was only an internal, early-stage discussion without actual involvement from Maddow, nor Colbert.