Obama Accepted $30,000 in Personal Gifts During His Final Year in Office


Former President Obama accepted $30,000 worth of personal gifts during his final year in office, according to newly released disclosure forms.

Obama took 11 gifts, including a five-volume set of his family genealogy from the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worth $8,300, the most expensive gift of the ones he accepted, the New York Post reported.

He also accepted a “large wooden map case with vintage maps inside” from the National Geographic worth $7,000 and a framed photograph of boxer Muhammad Ali from Whoopi Goldberg worth $5,250.

The remainder of the gifts ranged in value from $465 to $2,500 and included:

  • A “replica Vince Lombardi trophy” (worth $2,500)
  • A “signed and framed photograph of President John F. Kennedy” (worth $1,400)
  • A “signed baseball bat” from former Major League slugger Hank Aaron (worth $900)
  • A “framed American flag carried during Operation Neptune Spear” (worth $2,520)
  • A “framed ballot from the election of 1964 in favor of President Abraham Lincoln” (worth $465)
  • A “Navy letterman-style jack” (worth $600)
  • A “print of Norman Rockwell’s ‘The Problem We All Life With’ signed by Ruby Bridges Hall” (worth $825)
  • “Three Native American pots in Pueblo style” (worth $704)

The disclosure forms show Obama did not receive gifts in prior years he served as president, the International Business Times reported.

According to the Congressional Research Service, presidents and all other federal employees are barred from receiving personal gifts from foreign governments and officials without the approval of Congress, but presidents may accept personal gifts from the American public, relatives, and personal friends.

The final form also shows that Obama became a member of two Washington, D.C.-based LLCs: Homefront Holdings LLC since March and Renegade 44 LLC since November.

Former President George W. Bush also accepted 11 gifts during his final year in office, including a $3,000 business suit and a $359 “wireless reading device” given to him by former Vice President Dick Cheney, according to disclosure forms.