UAW Slams General Motors for Super Bowl Ad Featuring Foreign-Built Buicks

Buick Super Bowl Ad

General Motors is defending their decision to feature two Buick model vehicles made in foreign countries in their Super Bowl ad, after receiving criticism from a member of the United Auto Workers.

”Can’t believe GM would feature foreign-made vehicles on all-American Super Bowl,” wrote Cindy Estrada on Twitter, the UAW vice president in charge of the union’s GM department.

The ad features the Buick Encore SUV, made in South Korea, and the Cascada convertible, made in Poland.

But General Motors argued that the Buicks belonged in the ad, calling the Super Bowl a “global stage.”

“Our latest vehicles like the Encore and Cascada belong in the spotlight on a global stage only the Super Bowl can offer,” said Duncan Aldred, the vice president of Global Buick Sales, Service and Marketing, in a statement to the Detroit Bureau defending the popularity of the Buick brand.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra traveled to Washington D.C. in January to meet with President Donald Trump to discuss keeping more automotive jobs in the United States.