CNN Scoop: Bullet Fragments in Body Can Cause Lead Poisoning, High Blood Pressure


CNN is reporting that bullet fragments lodged in the human body can cause lead poisoning which, in turn, can cause high blood pressure.

They point to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which was published February 10 and report, “Fewer than 1% of cases of adults with elevated blood lead levels were caused by retained bullet fragments.” Yet CNN stresses that five percent of the “fewer than 1%…could be linked to bullets.”

Could be.

Deborah Weiss led the research for the study and says, “There are no safe levels of lead in the human body.” She added, “Current evidence shows that lead exposure even at very low levels — and we’re talking about (blood lead levels) around 5 micro-grams per deciliter and lower — have been associated with decreased renal (kidney) function.”

The study looked at 145,811 people, “only 0.3%” of whom “were people with bullet fragments.” Moreover, of the 349 people “with very high blood lead levels,” only “17 people” had bullet fragments.

Dr. Alan Cook directs trauma research at Chandler Regional Medical Center in Arizona. CNN quoted him describing the CDC study as “another piece of the puzzle that adds to the morbidity and mortality of gun violence in our country.”

Again, 0.3% of the 145,811 persons involved in the study had bullet fragments.

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