Outrage: NYC Health Department Closes Chick-Fil-A Due to Permitting Issue

Kevin Green/AP

The New York City Health Department shut down a Chick-fil-A in Midtown Wednesday due to a permitting issue, and New Yorkers were outraged at the decision.

It is unclear exactly when the Health Department shut down Chick-fil-A, but management said the restaurant would re-open Thursday, the New York Post reported.

“Sorry, we are closed due to permitting issues,” Chick-fil-A’s notice stated. “Thank you for understanding.”

“Screenshot this shit,” one person outside the fast food joint said, pointing to the notices.

“What the fuck?!” a passerby who attempted to enter the location at 46th Street and Sixth Avenue yelled, only to be stopped by signs saying it was closed.

“I’m dying!” screamed Philip M., 31, of Chelsea. ‘”What am I going to do?! I am really upset … I love the chicken sandwich.”

“It’s disheartening … I was going to try it for the first time here today … They are going to have to do something important to gain my confidence back to eat their chicken,” said Rick M., 45, of Manhattan.

City officials told the Post that the 46th street establishment had been operating with a denied permit after they submitted an incomplete application.

They said restaurant management took care of the problem Wednesday.

A spokesman for Chick-fil-A said the “paperwork issue” was being resolved “ASAP.”