Scott Walker at CPAC: Republicans Must Ignore Protests, Time to ‘Go Big, Go Bold’

Scott Walker and Donald Trump Brian SnyderReuters
Brian Snyder/Reuters

In a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin urged conservatives to set aside protests and instead “go big [and] bold” at a time when Republicans control the three main branches of power.

Drawing on the experience of the new secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, who protesters recently prevented from entering a public school that she was scheduled to visit, Walker said that he had “been there, done that.”

Describing his own struggle in dissolving the power of the labor unions in his home state of Wisconsin, Walker said that although the protesters had a “right to be heard,” he would “not let the noise of the protesters drown out the voices of the majority of people who had elected us to do the things we said we were going to do.”

Walker said the protests were a reminder to “do what you said you were going to do; to go big, to go bold, and to actually follow through on the promises you made throughout the campaign.”

“It’s not just conservatives and Republicans that like that, but what we found in Wisconsin is that Independents and yes even some discerning Democrats like it when you do the things you say you were going to do,” he continued.

Since President Donald Trump’s election, protests have grown in size and frequency, with some even turning violent. Large demonstrations took place across America and even abroad following his election and inauguration, and have continued as his administration moves forward with their agenda.

Some of the core causes of the protests include Trump’s perceived attitude towards women, his plans to repeal and replace Obamacare, and Executive Order 13769, which temporarily halted immigration to the United States from seven terror-prone countries.

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