CPAC Straw Poll Finds Overwhelming Support for Donald Trump

Associated Press

A straw poll conducted by The Washington Times at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) found overwhelming support for Donald Trump and his administration’s agenda amongst attendees.

The poll found that 86 percent of respondents “strongly or somewhat approve” of the job that Donald Trump is doing, compared to just 12 percent who somewhat or strongly disapprove of his work so far. Two percent said they were unsure. 

When asked which issue was the most important to them, 46 percent of respondents pointed to the economy — encompassing jobs, taxes, and government spending — as the most important issue. 

Meanwhile, 29 percent said that issues of national security and fighting radical Islam remained their number one issue, while 13 percent said that changing social attitudes on issues such as abortion, protecting the family, and religious freedom are their personal priority. 

However, just 44 percent of respondents said that the country is now going in the right direction, while 47 per cent believe it remains on the wrong track. 

A total of 1,447 CPAC attendees participated in the poll, all of whom are likely to have conservative leanings due to the nature of the conference. The poll was completed both by hand and via email. 

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