Bones Found Behind Wall of Missing Woman’s Foreclosed Home

Bones Found Behind Wall of Missing Woman’s Foreclosed Home
Houston, TX

A shocking discovery was made in Texas when the bones of a woman, missing since 2015, may have been found inside the walls of her foreclosed home, police say.

Police in Houston, Texas, have been searching for 61-year-old Mary Cerruti since 2015 when she was reported as having disappeared without a trace. But now, after her home had foreclosed and been sold to new owners, authorities say her body may have been discovered sealed into a wall in the home, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The bank owning the papers on Cerruti’s home had begun foreclosure in March of 2015 after many months of payments in arrears. Police officially proclaimed her a missing person a full six months later. The woman’s neighbors say they tried to report her missing far earlier, but police couldn’t take a missing person report because none of them were relatives.

New owners bought the home this year only to see Cerruti’s famed red glasses and a pile of human bones through a split in an attic wall, police said. Investigators immediately arrived to remove the bones for testing to see if they belonged to Cerruti.

But if one mystery is solved with the discovery of the woman’s bones, another is launched. How did the woman’s body end up behind a wall of her home?

The missing woman divorced her ex-husband back in 2001, and afterward, he moved to New York. It seems he was just as perplexed by her disappearance as everyone else.

Some wonder if her death had something to do with her activism to put a halt to the construction of an apartment complex that now surrounds her Allston Street home. Cerruti had been a mainstay at hearings to approve the construction and had adamantly spoken against the project.

Police were unprepared to say if it was foul play, and the new owners of the home wondered, “Was it someone who was killed and stuffed in the wall or did they accidentally pass away by ending up in the wall?”

Still, authorities warn against all the speculation. After all, the medical examiner has yet to officially determine if the bones found in the attic wall really are that of the missing woman.

For now, there are still more questions than answers.

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