Hastings: Rick Perry’s Energy Policy Is Pro-Environment Not Pro-Climate Change

Rick Perry Confirmed AP
Washington, DC

Vice President of the Austin-based Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, Marilu Hastings, discussed her recent US News op-ed titled “Rick Perry’s Green Energy Story” with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXm host Alex Marlow on Monday.

Hastings wrote in US News, “While former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is a self-proclaimed climate change denier, under his watch Texas became a leader in the U.S.’s transition to a clean energy economy. Perry’s anti-environment rhetoric, and his hostility toward regulation, justifiably provoke skepticism. Yet, as governor, Perry’s actions – a combination of smart energy policies, infrastructure investments and limited interference in energy markets – appear to tell a different story.”

She reiterated several of her points with host Marlow today. “Conservatives and Republicans are not anti-environment, ” said Hastings. “I think the Trump administration now has the opportunity as the original party of the environment to re-capture that issue,” she added.

Her broader point was that the Right is as invested in preserving the environment as the Left but simply opts for a different path to achieve that shared goal.

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