Sean Spicer: Donald Trump Based Wiretapping Claims on ‘Several Sources’


White House press secretary Sean Spicer tried to quell the media uproar concerning Donald Trump’s messages on Twitter Saturday.

Spicer held an off-camera press briefing for reporters at the White House who demanded to know the sources for Trump’s claim that former President Obama’s administration wiretapped Trump Tower during his campaign.

One reporter asked directly if Trump’s messages on Twitter were inspired by a Breitbart News article by Joel Pollak detailing media citations and questions from talk radio host Mark Levin about the Obama administration’s role in the investigation of Trump’s campaign.

“I’m just going to say that the president made it very clear that based on numerous things, including I think there’s a New York Times story on it, there’s several sources that made this clear, or brought this to light, but I’m not going into anything further, as the president noted, until this is resolved,” Spicer replied.

After reporters expressed skepticism about Spicer’s claims, he pointed out that media stories repeatedly cited “anonymous sources” making claims about the Trump administration in headlines, despite lacking hard evidence to prove the allegations.

“I think that there has been a malignment for so many months about what may or may not may have happened and yet not a shred of single truth is actually come that shows that any evidence that existed, except anonymous source, after anonymous source, after anonymous source,” he shot back.

Spicer repeatedly said Trump’s messages stood on their own, and he did not try to dissect them for the media.

“If we start down the rabbit hole of discussing this stuff, we end up in a very difficult place,” he said. He referred to multiple media reports and former government officials trying to clarify the nature of an ongoing investigation, suggesting that the media should wait for more details.

“The president speaks very candidly. His Tweets speak for themselves,” Spicer said. “He’s asked House and Senate committees to look into this.”