VIDEO: Four High School Students Suspended for Pro-Trump Signs

Suspended Students

Four Michigan high school students were suspended after they held up pro-Trump signs in front of a banner supporting immigration.

VIDEO: “Four Local Students Carrying Pro-Trump Signs Suspended Following Confrontation”

The students from Grand Rapids Christian High School held up handmade signs that read “Trump” and “Build the Wall” in front of a banner that said “Immigrants Are a Blessing, Not a Burden,” WZZM reported.

The video shows a teacher stopping them as they pulled out pieces of paper from their pockets intended to be signs. They appear to have a calm conversation while other students, oblivious to what just happened, pass by.

The social justice group “Love Thy Neighbor” put the banner in a visible place on campus and wanted to gather stories about the positive impact immigrants have had on the lives of other students.

School Superintendent Thomas DeJonge said the students were not suspended for their political views but for causing a disruption and for their disrespectful comments toward their fellow students.

“To be clear, the students were not disciplined because of having expressed their political viewpoint,” DeJonge said in a statement. “Rather, they were disciplined because of the disruption they caused and disrespect they demonstrated toward fellow students and staff.”

The students say they were not trying to make a political statement, but rather trying to show both sides of the immigration debate, WXMI reported. They also said they are not against legal immigration and that 50 other students came at them and threatened violence.

Parents of the students suspended wondered why the school would put up a banner promoting a controversial political issue in the first place.

“Why are they bringing this political nonsense into the school?” one parent asked.

The school said in a statement that the students have apologized for their behavior.