VIDEO: Suspect Flees After Coming Face-to-Face with Mother Holding Shotgun


Surveillance video from a Miami Gardens, Florida, home shows a home invasion suspect quickly changing his mind upon coming face-to-face on March 4 with a mother holding a shotgun.

According to ABC Local 10, the video, released Tuesday, reveals that the suspect pulled into the yard and parked in broad daylight, then began kicking his way into the home. A mother, who was home with her ten-year-old daughter and three-year-old son, grabbed a pump shotgun, and prepared to protect her family.

She said her kids were “screaming and crying hysterically” between the sounds of the kicking and the tenseness of the moment.

The video shows the suspect finally kick hard enough to get inside, only to turn and retreat as fast as he could after seeing the mother with the shotgun:

The mother said, “He was running for his life and kept looking back, making sure I wasn’t going to shoot him in the back.” She said, “I would do anything to protect my family.”

Police are still searching for the home invasion suspect.

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