Rep. Dave Brat: ‘Overwhelming Political Pressure’ from White House and GOP Leadership on AHCA

Ryan, Trump-Saul LoebAFP
Saul Loeb/AFP

Rep. Dave Brat describes the “political pressure” placed by the White House and Republican leadership upon conservatives to vote for the American Health Care Act (AHCA) as “overwhelming.”

Brat was a guest on The Laura Ingraham Show Thursday, where he described “pressure like crazy” with both the Trump administration and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s whips trying to get the votes they need to pass the bill.

A member of the House Freedom Caucus, Brat said he knows the grassroots base of the GOP wants Obamacare finally repealed, so for Republicans to vote for the AHCA – which many say “cements” the primary flaws found in Obamacare – could be detrimental to President Donald Trump.

“We want Trump to be hugely successful, so we don’t want to handle a bill that’s going to fail in a few years,” he told Breitbart News Saturday.