Exclusive — Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: Chuck Schumer, Dems Who Opposed Judge Gorsuch ‘Godless, Lawless’

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD - FEBRUARY 27: Phil Robertson of TV show "Duck Dynasty" speaks during an interview at the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) February 27, 2015 in National Harbor, Maryland. Conservative activists attended the annual political conference to discuss their agenda. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
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Washington, D.C.

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview that Democrats who opposed the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court as America’s next Justice are “Godless” and “lawless.”

“What I think about it is: Psalms 14:1 makes a clear, concise statement, and the statement is a fool says in his heart there is no God,” Robertson said in the exclusive interview when asked about Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and the Democrats planning to try to block confirmation of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. “These people are Godless. And if you’re Godless, then you’re lawless—you practice lawlessness. Everyone who sins breaks the law. In fact, sin is lawlessness—that’s the Biblical definition of lawlessness.”

The interview, which took place before Senate Republicans blasted through the Democrats’ filibuster with the nuclear option ahead of a final confirmation vote on Friday—which is expected to succeed—was part of a wide-ranging conversation with Robertson on the Trump presidency, the institutional left, and the Gorsuch confirmation. Robertson said:

So what you have on the one side is lawless people such as Chuck Schumer and these radical activists on the Supreme Court—judicial activists—and it scares the daylights out of them to have a man who still thinks it’s worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God. Romans 1, Verse 28 says because they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, God gave them over to a depraved mind to do what ought not to be done. And there’s a list of attitudes and deeds and it reads something like this—this is off the top of my head, but it’s pretty close—it says ‘you give them over to do what shouldn’t be done, to a depraved mind, he said, they become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They become full of murder, envy, strife, malice, and  deceit. They are insolent, arrogant, and boastful. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters…’ It goes through the list and it ends by saying they’re ‘senseless, faithless, heartless and ruthless—they invent ways of doing evil.’ Therefore, that’s the one side of individuals—if you can imagine that—that’s what they’re like, the group that have formed this block against Judge Gorsuch, a guy who thinks it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God. If you think about it, the Ten Commandments are hanging just above the Chief Justice’s head and the reason the Founders said ‘I’ll tell you what boys, when you get to the Supreme Court hang the Ten Commandments over their head’—what the Founders were trying to get people to see then and we’ve lost sight of now, is there is a gigantic difference between the Supreme Court, men being in positions of judging, there is a gigantic difference between the Supreme Court by man and the supreme being, who loves us all. You understand what I’m saying? They hung the Ten Commandments over their head to say ‘don’t forget God in your judging, don’t forget God in your decisions’ because all the Founding Fathers—literally all of them, they went right on down the line. You lose your virtue, that’s Chuck Schumer. When you lose your virtue, your religion leaves, your morality leaves, and the last thing to go is your freedom. Well, we’re on a path here and that’s why it is critically important to get a God-fearing man—a man who is at least conscious of God—on the Supreme Court. Got to have it, or this thing is fixing to implode.

Robertson also said that Gorsuch did “remarkably well” in his confirmation hearing, despite the fact that the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee were aggressively trying to undermine his chances at confirmation. He went on:

My view, and I’m just viewing the proceedings—the hearing—and it had the feel about it, you had a sheep or a little goat and you are surrounded by wolves. And I mean it was like, or another way I could put it is, you had one man of virtue—which is the pool of men fitted to the virtuous category is becoming smaller in each coming decade in my opinion. General moral excellence, right thinking, goodness, meritorious, excellence in general, effective power in force, moral strength, courage—that’s the Gorsuches of the world. And the last thing we need—it’s far better to have a good devout Catholic like Justice Scalia or a devout Episcopalian like Gorsuch than a lawless left-winger on the Supreme Court of all places. So if we’re not careful here, if we don’t get Judge Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, judicial tyranny will reign without mitigation to no end. So we are really hanging on the edge of a precipice. We came within a hare’s breath of this leftwing bunch, these lawless fools, we came within a hare’s breath of them taking over the entire country with this last election. But I personally think, they asked me ‘Phil, what do you think? Who do you think’s going to win?’ I said, ‘We have one shot. The shot is, if the Almighty—he’s worked through all kinds of people with character flaws before—I said if the Almighty wants Donald Trump in there, oh he’s going in. That’s all I have to say.’ Well, all the pundits and all the political operatives and all this bunch and the polls—they factored in everything and everybody but God Almighty. And Lord behold, good ole Trump did get in there and I have no problem with his policies from a Biblical standpoint at all.

Robertson praised the Senate Republicans for going nuclear and beating the Democratic filibuster.

“Without hesitation, whatever it takes,” Robertson said when asked if he would go nuclear to get Gorsuch confirmed. “You know, Harry Reid is the one who dreamed it up to fulfill his little agenda at the time. Well, we ought to just go ahead and take him up on his deal that he made. Yeah, I’d do it. I’d do the nuclear option in a second.”

Robertson also said that there’s “no doubt about it” that President Donald Trump’s nomination of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court was the most important thing he could do as president of the United States. He added:

No doubt about it, but you’re looking at—and there might be some more that come up—but you’re looking at the next 30 years barring some kind of unfortunate early death or something but you’re looking at 30 years of the country and if you could stay that long, maybe the Almighty will have given us time to repent. America needs to repent back to God and bow down at his feet. I’m more into eternal healthcare than the stuff they’re arguing about now with Obamacare and all this stuff. I want America to invest in eternal healthcare by doing two things: love God and love their neighbor, and just do what is right. So my thinking is vet everything through the Bible and there will be no problems at all, so with Judge Gorsuch he’s a devout Episcopalian. I’ll take a devout Episcopalian over a lawless left-winger any way you want to slice it.

More from the Robertson interview is forthcoming.