Police: Kansas Grandmother Found Decapitated at Home of Son’s Ex-Girlfriend

Sedgwick County Jail/Facebook
Sedgwick County Jail/Facebook

A Kansas woman was found decapitated Sunday afternoon at the home of her son’s ex-girlfriend, police say.

The body of Micki Davis, 63, was found in Rachael Hilyard’s home after Davis’ nine-year-old grandson called police to report she was being attacked, the New York Daily News reported.

KAKE reported that Davis and her grandson went to Hilyard’s home in Wichita to pick up some things belonging to her son, Jacob Gillespie III.

Shortly after Davis and her grandson arrived, Hilyard allegedly started attacking Davis.

Authorities say the child was able to run away, get his grandmother’s cell phone from the truck, and call police for help.

Once police arrived, the boy directed officers to the house.

When no one answered the door, police went to the garage, where they found the victim’s decapitated body.

Officers found Hilyard hiding inside the house, then arrested her and took her to Sedgwick County Jail.

Hilyard, 35, is facing charges of first-degree murder, KWCH reported.

“She’s going to be incarcerated for the rest of her days,” Davis’ nephew Casey Wallace told KAKE. “I hope she sits in that jail and thinks about that. Hope it eats her alive. And I hope Micki’s at peace.”