Report: AG Jeff Sessions Enacts Comprehensive Reform at Justice Department

Jeff Sessions Alex BrandonAP
Alex Brandon/AP

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is establishing the administration’s pro-American policies throughout former President Barack Obama’s justice department, according to

In just two months as the nation’s top cop, Sessions has moved quickly to overhaul the policies and priorities set by the Obama administration…

Sessions has made immigration enforcement a top priority. Late last month he put “sanctuary cities” on notice, announcing that grant money would be withheld from state and local governments that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities and turn over undocumented immigrants arrested for crimes.

Federal prosecutors have also been alerted to a new national push to crack down on violent crime. Sessions tapped Steven Cook, a federal prosecutor and outspoken opponent of criminal justice reform, to lead the charge as assistant deputy attorney general; he will be leading Sessions’s new Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety.

TheHill found left-wing lawyers who disagree with Sessions’ policies including his opposition to anti-crime.

Inimai Chettiar, director of the Justice Program at the Brennan Center for Justice, argued that arresting and incarcerating people is not the solution. “Mass incarceration is not contributing to mass crime declines, but it doesn’t appear Jeff Sessions knows that,” she said.

In Obama’s sixth year, his policies — which include the early release of many convicts — helped cause a massive spike in murders around the country, resulting in the death of hundreds of people. Most of the dead are African-Americans. Obama’s crime-rise helped shift public opinion away from his favored candidate, Hillary Clinton.

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