Reuters: Number of Illegals with Children Trying to Jump Border Drops 93 Percent

Leaked Immage of Unaccompanied Minors
Breitbart Texas Leaked Image

The number of illegal aliens who have been apprehended at the border trying to break into the U.S. with underage children plummeted from December to March, a Reuters report reveals.

On March 6, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said that the DHS might separate illegal alien parents from any underage children they brought along for the trek. The promise of such a policy appears to have slowed the flow of illegal alien women accompanied by children down to a trickle.

“In December, 16,000 parents and children were apprehended; in March, a month in which immigration typically increases because of temperate weather, the number was just over 1,100,” Reuters states.

A federal court ruling prohibits the “prolonged” detention of young illegals, Reuters notes, and the Obama administration freed the so-called “family units” of illegal aliens into the United States. Consequently, the vast majority simply vanished into the interior and never reported for their immigration hearings.

The news agency also sent the DHS a hand-wringing request for comment about “targeting” female illegal aliens dragging children along the dangerous trek.

“Those were 15,000 women and children who did not put themselves at risk of death and assault from smugglers to make the trip north,” a DHS spokesman replied.

Indeed, as Breitbart Texas has extensively documented, human smugglers routinely rape the female illegal aliens en route to the U.S., hanging articles of clothing on “rape trees” on Americans’ properties. Those who are hurt, sick, or too exhausted to continue are sometimes left to die—or to be snatched up by sex traffickers.

Breitbart Texas first broke the news of illegals overrunning border security and being held in detention centers in June 2014. In that month alone, 57,862 illegals were apprehended at the border. Under Obama, the surge continued—climbing again in the month leading up to the presidential election, when authorities apprehended 46,195 illegals.