Abortion Activist Celebrates Birthday with Condom-Stuffed Sen. Pat Toomey Piñata


A South Philadelphia abortion worker celebrated her birthday by inviting her party guests to take whacks at a piñata made in the image of pro-life Pennsylvania U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey and stuffed with condoms and sex-themed candy.


“Everyone ready to have some cake and hit the s**t out of Pat Toomey?” Samantha Pinto, 25, asked, according to BillyPenn.com.

Pinto’s birthday bash – reportedly held on Holy Saturday – also served as a fundraiser for the Women’s Medical Fund, a group that helps low-income women obtain abortions. Pinto is competing on a fundraising team for the organization.

According to the report, Pinto asked Philly Socialists organizer and artist Mara Henao to create the piñata in Toomey’s likeness. Pinto then filled it with condoms, lube, “dildo ring pops,” and sex-themed candy.

“We thought it would be a fun thing for the party since Pat Toomey opposes abortion,” said Pinto, who criticizes the pro-life message that adoption should be supported instead of abortion.

“Adoption is not an alternative to pregnancy, it’s an alternative to parenting,” she said. “Putting adoption and abortion side by side like that is silly.”

Media Research Center’s Brittany Hughes noted the story, observing, “While a busted piñata rotting on some post-indoctrination college grad’s back deck is hardly big news in and of itself, it does lend a pretty revealing peak [sic] into the mindset of the tolerant, justice-loving Left.”

“Agree with us? Have some candy,” Hughes adds. “Disagree? We’ll practice smashing in your face.”