Ivanka Trump Booed at Women’s Event in Berlin: President Is ‘Champion’ of Families 

ivanka trump
AP/Markus Schreiber

Attendees at a summit on women and entrepreneurship in Berlin on Tuesday responded rudely when Ivanka Trump said that families are important to President Donald Trump.

Trump said her father is a “tremendous champion of supporting families,” at the event, which prompted tweets from reporters saying audience members hissed and booed following her remark.

Trump also said at the even that she felt on equal footing with her brothers growing up.

“As a daughter, I can speak on a very personal level knowing that he encouraged and enabled me to thrive,” she said. “I don’t take that lightly as a parent now myself.

“And there was no difference for me and my brothers,” Trump said.

In its account of the First Daughter’s first official trip abroad NBC headlined its story “Ivanka Trump in Germany: First Daughter Leaves Some Women Scratching Their Heads” and referred to Trump as “the billionaire’s daughter.” See below:

Trump was invited to sit on a panel at the Women20 summit by German President Angela Merkel, who met Trump and the president face-to-face during her recent visit to the White House.

The president has spoken about the “unbelievable chemistry” between himself and the German head of state. But some see the invitation as less of a friendly gesture and more of a political move by a savvy politician.

“For Merkel, a skilled political operator forging relations with the third U.S. president to gain power during her 12 years in office, it was a useful signal of how to work the Trump White House,” Politico reported.

“She followed up by elevating Ivanka Trump even more, inviting her to speak Tuesday at the W20 Summit in Berlin alongside Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde, among others.”

Also in the preview report on Trump’s trip on Monday, Politico said the First Daughter would “stick to the basics.”

“The White House official said Trump plans to stick to the basics: Highlighting the role of women in the global economy and discussing the importance of access to capital for female entrepreneurs,” Politico reported, adding that Trump, “a converted Orthodox Jew” would pay her respects at Berlin’s Holocaust memorial.

Trump was joined on her trip by Dina Powell, who is now deputy national security adviser and senior economic counselor to the president, communications adviser Hope Hicks and her chief of staff Julie Radford.