Court Charges Teacher with Having Sex with Student, Buying Gun for Robberies

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Indianapolis, IN

Police arrested a high school teacher from Indianapolis and charged her with multiple counts, including having an improper sexual relation with a student and being involved in a conspiracy to plan a robbery.

Teacher Kathryn Hagan, 38, was arrested after Franklin Township Community School Corporation received a tip early in April from a parent concerned about a relationship with a student, Fox 59 reported.

Court documents charge that Hagan, who only started teaching on January 3, targeted a student, giving him Xanax on one occasion and on another occasion initiating a sexual relationship.

Police next found a ten-second video of the teacher and the teen naked in bed being passed around among the school’s students. As the investigators continued to look into the case, they found that some students were even using the video as leverage to force Hagan to give them better grades.

Hagan had also been found to have bought a gun that police say she wanted a student to use to force others to delete the incriminating video on their cell phones.

According to court records, Hagan texted another student, urging him to use the gun she was buying to rob students of their cell phones to cover the task of deleting the incriminating video.

“You want me to buy a gun, give it to you and then you give it to someone else to use for armed robberies and maybe murders?! My name would be registered to that gun,” police said Hagan texted the student.

“They would need to steal more than their phones to make it not look like I put them up to it,” she allegedly added.

The now resigned teacher faces charges of conspiracy to commit robbery with a gun, two counts of child seduction, as well as gun and drugs charges.

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