Man Admits He Was High When Having Sex with Donkeys

Man Sexually Molests Neighbor's Donkey
Siloam Springs, AR

An Arkansas man arrested for sexually molesting a neighbor’s donkeys told police he was high during the incidents.

Siloam Springs Police arrested Everett Lee Compton, 49, after surveillance video showed him putting a bag over a donkey’s head and then thrusting his pelvis into the animal’s rear over several different occasions, Fox News reported.

The owner of the animals called police in July and showed them the footage. They also told police that someone had repeatedly trespassed on their property and harassed their animals despite posted “No Trespassing” and “Do Not Feed The Animals” signs. The trespassing had occurred for at least three years.

Court papers reveal that the suspect was caught entering the property and accosting the animals over and over again. Video marked May 24, June 4, and July 5 and 6 all show the same intruder.

“It just made me sick to my stomach. To know that she couldn’t tell nobody and that she was having to go through this and she couldn’t tell nobody. We knew he was there so we could call police to come and check things out,” the homeowner, Joyce Whitaker, said.

Police also report that when they arrived at the property to investigate the homeowner’s claims, they found Compton hiding in the bushes.

Compton initially denied ever having sex with the animals but did admit to feeding them.

However, when confronted with the surveillance footage, the suspect reportedly changed his tune telling police he smokes a lot of marijuana and it makes him do “sick things,” according to KHBS TV.

The suspect was hit with bestiality charges and taken to the Benton County Jail. He is being held on a $5,000 bond.

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