Wisc. Democrats: Gun Safety Course ‘Inappropriate’ for High Schoolers

Black women picking up firearms for self-defense Photo
AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane

Legislation to set up gun safety courses at Wisconsin public high schools is being blasted as “inappropriate” by state Democrats.

Other opponents of the bill—including Madison psychotherapist Laurie Asplund—suggest that a gun safety course will only feed a “gun culture” at the schools.

According to Fox 6, Rep. Ken Skowronski (R-Dist. 82) is one of the sponsors of the bill that would create the safety courses. Skowronski argues that opponents of gun safety courses have things backward. He says trap and target shooting teams are already popular, and increasingly so. In light of this, the gun safety courses are a way to be sure students know how to properly use firearms before undertaking these endeavors.

Skowronksi said, “Ensuring student safety for this rapidly growing sport was the incentive for this bill.”

Rep. Sondy Pope (D-Dist. 80) opposes the gun safety courses for high schoolers. She says the bill to create the course is bad because nothing in it “prohibits students from hiding ammunition in their bags and loading their guns in the school.” Pope did not address the fact that nothing—including gun-free zone signage—prevents students and other attackers from bringing guns to school for evil purposes now. Consider Virginia Tech (April 16, 2007), Sandy Hook (December 14, 2012). and Umpqua Community College (October 1. 2015). All were gun-free zones yet all witnessed high profile firearm-based attacks.

Sixteen-year-old Georgia Pantzlaff put things into perspective when she testified before lawmakers, saying, “I’ve seen kids who don’t know how to handle a gun, and that’s when I’m more scared. Kids don’t get a chance to be around guns so they know how to treat a gun properly.”

Pantzlaff is a member of the Denmark High School trap shooting team.

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