Convicted Rapist Launches into Temper Tantrum During Deportation


An African national convicted of rape and ordered deported, threw a fit as ICE officials tried to load him onto a plane for Togo, Africa.

Koffi Ameyapoh, a 51-year-old illegal alien convicted of rape in Maryland, began screaming and fighting against officials as they tried to put him on a plane at Dulles International Airport, according to the New York Post.

The convict reportedly began screaming he “would rather die than go back to Togo.” He also yelled, “I am not going back to Togo!”

Ameyapoh warned that American officials would be “shipping a dead body” to Togo if he were sent back to his homeland.

“I am going to make a commotion at the terminal, so the marshals can shoot me because I would rather die than go back to Togo,” he added.

The Togo national, convicted of raping a child in 2006, reportedly injured several immigration officers during his outburst forcing a new federal charge of “hampering departure from the United States” to be filed against him.

The new charge necessitated his removal from the airport and back into custody for another proceeding to add to his record.

Ameyapoh was returned to the Howard County jail, NBC reported.

The convict is also listed on the Maryland sex offender registry.

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