Huntsville, Alabama, Rally Attendees Love Trump, Split Between Strange and Moore

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson
AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama–There was little doubt that the estimated crowd of 9,000 attendees at the Donald Trump-Luther Strange rally held in this prosperous Northern Alabama city Friday evening vigorously support President Donald Trump.

The crowd gave Senator Luther Strange (R-AL) a warm welcome when he kicked off the program, but that paled in comparison to the thunderous five-minute ovation the president received when he was introduced.

Strange wisely left the stage after President Trump was introduced. The president gave a strong defense of his own program and doubled-down on his support for Strange, who trails Judge Roy Moore in Real Clear Politics’ average of polls by eight points just four days before the September 26 Republican U.S. Senate primary runoff election.

Breitbart News conducted nine brief “man-in-the street” interviews to get a sense of how well the president’s popularity will translate into votes for his endorsed candidate, Strange, on election day.

The results of this unscientific survey were a mixed bag, giving each campaign something to cheer about. All nine vigorously supported Donald Trump. Five of the nine said they intended to vote for Luther Strange, three said they were going to vote for Judge Roy Moore, and one said he was undecided.

The Strange camp can point to the fact that more of the “man-in-the-street” interviewees said they would vote for Strange over Moore. However, the Moore camp can point to the fact that four out of the nine interviewees were not backing Strange, a number much lower than would be expected at a rally to support him.

The president’s trip to Huntsville probably pushed some undecideds to support Strange. The question is if it will push enough undecided voters across the entire state to make up the current 8 point deficit for Strange.

The answer to that question will be known when the polls close on Tuesday.

These two voters are for Roy Moore:

These two voters are for Luther Strange:

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This voter is for Roy Moore:

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This voter is for Luther Strange:

This voter is for Luther Strange: