WATCH: Las Vegas Officer Shoots Husband Holding Wife at Gunpoint

Man shot dead by police after holding wife to gunpoint
Las Vegas, NV

Body cam video shows a Las Vegas police officer ordering a husband to drop the gun he was pointing at his wife outside a convenience store and then shows the husband being shot after refusing to comply.

The incident occurred on Saturday. The woman was injured in the shooting and the husband was killed.

According to Daily Mail, the husband, 41-year-old Phillip Pitts, was holding his wife at gunpoint when officers arrived. Officer David Nesheiwat ordered Pitts to drop the gun and then fired four rounds once Pitts refused to cooperate.

Body cam video of the incident records the officer speaking to Pitts, asking, “What is going on? What is that in your hand? What do you have in your hand? Drop the gun!”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the round that hit Pitts’ wife did so by passing through his body and striking her.

The couple’s 10-year-old daughter “was standing nearby” but an officer moved her to safety before the shooting occurred.

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