Radical Doug Jones Takes Shot at Bannon, Praises Opposition Party Media in Alabama

steve-bannon-gty Doug Jones

Democrat Alabama candidate for U.S. Senate Doug Jones came to the defense of media outlets in comments to those outlets gathered in Dolomite, Alabama on Monday, “You are not fake news.”

Jones came to the defense of the media to “gathered press,” according to an NBC reporter who posted Jones’ statement online, “You are not fake news.”

President Donald Trump gave Republican candidate Roy Moore his endorsement during a Monday phone conversation. According to accounts of the conversation, Trump told Moore, “go get them Roy.”

The NBC reporter posted two press questions and answers from Jones, one that addressed Trump’s endorsement of Moore:

Jones said he was “focused right here…not worried about Roy Moore’s campaign..” and attempted to turn attention from Trump’s endorsement of his opponent to Jones’ own campaign, calling it, “one of the most extraordinary efforts going on right now that this state has seen ever…”

Jones has taken repeated opportunities to focus on attacking Moore. In one tweet on Monday morning, he posted, “It’s not just that he’s embarrassing, Roy Moore is bad for business.” The day prior Jones posted comments from an NPR article that cited a university professor claiming Moore causes businesses to fear.

The second question posted in the NBC reporter’s tweet returned to Jones’ own words from the day before that had focused on criticism of Moore and former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon.

Jones responded with a claim that Trump “ran Steve Bannon out of the White House.” He claimed that he is an “independent voice.” He then stated that he can work with President Trump on issues that Jones decides are “for Alabama,” and with Sen. Richard Shelby.

Trump has derided Jones in statements supporting Moore, calling Jones a “Pelosi/Schumer Puppet!”

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