Connecticut Man Found Guilty of Having Sex with Girlfriend’s Corpse was ‘Trying to Wake Her Up’

Aaron Graser of Willimantic pleaded guilty to sexual assault for having sex with a woman who was dead. (Connecticut Department of Correction)
Connecticut Department of Correction
Danielson, CT

A Connecticut man who was found guilty of molesting the corpse of his dead girlfriend told police he initiated the sexual activity to “wake her up.”

Aaron Graser was sentenced to a year in prison for fourth-degree sexual assault on a corpse during a December 5 sentencing hearing at the Superior Court in Danielson, Connecticut, the Hartford Courant reported.

The details of the case are lurid enough. Graser told police that he found his girlfriend unresponsive but “gurgling,” and he decided that having sex with her might “wake her up.”

The warrant for his arrest contained some of the strange details about the January incident.

“Aaron stated that he laid the victim down the bed and he rubbed her sternum,” the warrant said. “Aaron stated he listened to see if the victim was breathing and he heard gurgling. Aaron stated he knew the victim hated having sex with him so he figured that the victim might wake up if he had sex with her.”

After his arrest, the details got even stranger. After hearing what he thought was gurgling, Graser told police he tied her to the bed “because it was a fetish of his,” and began having sex with her.

But after he was done and she remained unresponsive, Graser said he dressed her and then called a neighbor who was a trained paramedic.

The neighbor said it appeared she had been dead for hours. An autopsy later proved that the woman had died of a drug overdose hours before the sexual encounter. The medical examiner speculated that the gurgling Graser heard was just decomposition starting inside her body.

The dead woman had high levels of fentanyl, heroin, and other drugs in her system, according to the ME’s report.

Graser was originally charged with the more serious charge of second-degree sexual assault but pleaded down to the lesser charge of fourth-degree assault on a corpse.

With the lesser charge the 39-year-old convict was spared having to put his name on the sex offender registry. During the proceeding the judge in the case ruled that “registration is not required for public safety based upon the facts in this case.”

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